Santa Clara County

Voter's Guide

On Children's Issues

General Election
November 08, 2022

The Races

State Legislators

Legislators can pass laws and state budgets that promote economic security for families, access to health care, child care and preschool, quality education, and create more equitable child welfare and juvenile justice systems.

Legislators can support local efforts to provide universal high quality early care, health and education programs, especially those who are most vulnerable.

County Elected Offices

County elected officials can invest in programs that improve children’s economic security, reduce housing instability, enhance child health and development, and improve public safety.

County elected officials can partner with other county-wide organizations to provide universal access to quality early childhood education programs and facilities.

School Board Trustees

School board trustees can ensure that quality Transitional Kindergarten programs are available to all eligible families in their district and partner with preschool and after-school programs to support access to quality programs.

School board trustees can invest in building authentic partnerships with families to support their children’s academic development, especially in the early foundational years.

School board trustees can work to close the academic opportunity gap by ensuring equitable access to college preparatory courses.

City Council Members

City Council Members can include child care facilities in their city’s General Plan and reduce zoning and permitting barriers to opening child care facilities.

City Council Members can develop Children’s Budgets for their city to determine how much they are currently spending on children and whether that spending is achieving the desired outcomes.

City Council Members can look at their city website and judge whether it makes it easy for families to find the information, resources and programs they need in ways they can use.