Santa Clara County Voter's Guide On Children's Issues

Santa Clara County Voter's Guide
On Children's Issues
General Election November 8, 2022

Even though they do not vote, over 406,000 children living in Santa Clara County deserve elected officials who understand how funding and policy decisions impact their lives. Too often, children are lost in a long list of priorities. However, decisions made today about investing in children’s safety, health, education and economic security have long-term effects on our community’s future. Our community’s and our nation’s current and future prosperity will be decided by our elected officials. This is why we, the voters, have an obligation to speak for children at the ballot box and why Choose Children, Strong Start of Santa Clara County and Kids in Common came together to create this Voter’s Guide on Children’s Issues.

This Voter’s Guide is informational only and no endorsement of any candidate is intended.
For this guide we asked each candidate running for selected local, state or federal offices in Santa Clara County to answer five questions about their priorities for children. Candidates were given several weeks to respond to the survey. The responses are in their words and are unedited.

A note about participation in this Voter’s Guide:
We did our best to contact every candidate and ask them to participate in this Voter’s Guide. In many cases, candidates had an email address or phone number listed with the Registrar of Voters. In cases where this was not available, we searched for a website or other manner of contacting them.

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Choose Children is a partnership of organizations and individuals committed to creating a future in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties where families with children can live and thrive. We work to champion babies, toddlers, and preschoolers and ensure that elected officials and candidates for office take action to support investment and approaches that advance the well-being, care, and learning of young children, their families, and the essential workers who care for them. Choose Children is an initiative of Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

Kids in Common believes children need a strong public voice that promotes and protects their best interests. Kids in Common is that voice and challenges leaders to act in the best interest of children. By promoting policies, investments and practices centered on children’s needs and success, and by fostering cross-sector, data-driven partnerships, we work to create a community where every child is safe, healthy, successful in learning and successful in life.

Strong Start of Santa Clara County is a coalition of community leaders, early education providers, nonprofit organizations, elected officials, members of the business community and other key stakeholders who are committed to expanding access to high quality early learning opportunities for all children ages 0 to 8 in Santa Clara County.​​​