Santa Clara County Voter's Guide On Children's Issues

Mountain View-Los Altos Union High School District Govering Board

Carrol Ann Titus-Zambre

My mission is to have all MVLA students finish high school with the 21st Century skills they need to thrive academically, social-emotionally and physically by continuously improving the quality of services provided, maximizing learning outcomes and enhancing stewardship within the community.

  1. In a recent poll by Choose Children 2022 of likely general election voters, more than half of parents with children under age 18 say they are likely to move out of the Bay Area in the next few years. What do you think are the top three issues affecting our children and families and how will you make our region a place where all families can thrive?

    Our community has economically disadvantaged primary schools surrounded by million-dollar homes. High quality early learning significantly addresses this gap. By advancing innovative personalized e-learning engagement, pathways and assessment educators can cost-effectively augment student decision making and guide them towards better outcomes. Districts gain adaptability to societal changes, future leaders with essential innovative skill sets and families seeking valuable cutting-edge implementation, so their children thrive.

  2. As we have learned over the past three years, without quality, affordable, childcare, parents can’t go to work. What will you do to address challenges accessing childcare and preschool programs in our diverse communities?

    I will work to ensure all MVLA high school board policies provide equal access to after school care, enrichment resources and a safe environment to learn. MVLA’s Adult School provides a high-quality low-cost parent participation preschool program which I’ll continue to support as well as referrals into Mountain View and Los Altos city childcare and preschool programs.

  3. Much of the student achievement gap has been linked to the opportunity gap that children in low-income families and children of color confront (e.g., lack of access to healthy food, preschool, tutors, and enrichment activities). If elected, what will you do to increase equity of opportunity?

    I am committed to bring awareness to issues that our under-represented students face, to make sure all students can access e-learning and support services opportunities. I will advocate for the expanded access to WiFi, tablets and laptops for augmented learning. I will support enhanced investment in MVLA’s tutorial center, the AVID/PEAK program, open access to all Honors and AP classes and meals to address food stability.

  4. What steps will you take to support inclusion and outcomes for children with special needs or with disabilities and their families to be fully included in our community?

    Special needs students are most likely to have suffered more severe learning loss from Covid-19 restrictions and it’s important to provide them extra support from Special Ed. I will advocate providing that extra support to optimize personalized learning outcomes.

  5. There is a mental health crisis among children, youth, and those who care for and educate them. If elected, how will you use the resources of your new role to improve access to mental and behavioral health services?

    Mental wellness is a crucial component to learning engagement/outcomes and should be integrated into teacher training with rapid follow-up with parents about CHAC resources for more thorough assessment, to address problems expediently. I would also advocate for expanded behavioral health and fitness services with other 3rd party providers.