Santa Clara County Voter's Guide On Children's Issues

City of Saratoga

Priya Rajaram Shastri

Children are the next generation of voters for this country. They deserve to get appropriate attention and grooming from their parents/guardians. The proper growth and grooming of children will weave the fabric of the next capable generation of responsible citizens.

  1. In a recent poll by Choose Children 2022 of likely general election voters, more than half of parents with children under age 18 say they are likely to move out of the Bay Area in the next few years. What do you think are the top three issues affecting our children and families and how will you make our region a place where all families can thrive?

    Maintaining childhood friendships is important for children to grow and thrive in any community. Make sure that children are cared for adequately. Neighbours are your community too, invite the kids who play with your children, so that they have another shoulder to cry on. These little gestures of kindness will go a long way in making the children want to live in the community.

  2. As we have learned over the past three years, without quality, affordable, childcare, parents can’t go to work. What will you do to address challenges accessing childcare and preschool programs in our diverse communities?

    Childcare is needed for afterschool only. So we can have just help available for child care from 3 pm to 6 pm, so that people can return from work and pick up the kids. Another option is to have a schedule on which days child care is available. Have the most work done the day the childcare is available.

  3. Much of the student achievement gap has been linked to the opportunity gap that children in low-income families and children of color confront (e.g., lack of access to healthy food, preschool, tutors, and enrichment activities). If elected, what will you do to increase equity of opportunity?

    Opportunity can be increased by providing nutritious food in public schools and having after school activities for all children at a subsidised fee. That will encourage the parents of low income groups to manage children and work. And the kids in return complete their homework and have less things to do at home.

  4. What steps will you take to support inclusion and outcomes for children with special needs or with disabilities and their families to be fully included in our community?

    For special needs children, have designated times that they can meet in the park, have a set of activities for special need children. Put that in the public calendar. Block off parks and recreation facilities in those times,.

  5. There is a mental health crisis among children, youth, and those who care for and educate them. If elected, how will you use the resources of your new role to improve access to mental and behavioral health services?

    The resources that will be available for children should be focussed into categories based on the needs to the children, mental, emotional, physical well being. A budget should be prepared on how to address the growing pains of children. Counseling is a number one priority for children.